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How to Learn a New Language when Traveling

Posted on 23 February 2019 by admin (0)

How to Learn a New Language when Traveling

For native English speakers, their language dominance allows them to use mother tongue to get by anywhere, anytime. But, learning a foreign language is beneficial to any traveler. In addition to being an excellent skill to include in a CV, a new language will widen your travel experience. When you can speak multiple languages, interacting with other people becomes easier. You also enjoy experiences that you miss without speaking a foreign language. But, how do you learn a new language when traveling? Here are useful tips to help you learn a foreign language while traveling.

Use Online Apps

There are many apps that can help you learn a new language while traveling. Using one of these apps for at least 20 minutes every day is a great way to start learning a new language. When you use some of these apps, you feel like you are playing a nice game instead of learning. Thus, you don’t have a reason not to learn a new language when traveling.

Pick Your Travel Destination Carefully

When choosing your travel destination, take time to conduct some research. Look for the cheapest and the best hub where you can learn your preferred language. This is particularly important because when you travel to a place where the language that you want to learn is spoken; you will have a chance to practice it.

Get a Tandem Partner

You will get this in most schools as an aspect of an enrollment package. However, getting a tandem partner when you want to learn a language is a great way to practice it. Ideally, take time to speak the language you are learning with your partner before you switch to another language. Nevertheless, choose a partner that is also interested in learning the language to ensure maximum utilization of the time that you spend together.

Practice Self-Study

Spend more time memorizing new vocabulary, conjugations, and how to request for something in your preferred language. This will enable you to learn the language faster when traveling. Speak and listen to people speak in the language that you want to learn more often. Use language podcast during your trip. You can also download music in that language to get hold of some words while listening to the music or singing along.

If you come across a traveler that is fluent in the language that you want to learn, befriend them and ask them to teach you during the trip. You will learn faster when you practice speaking a new language when traveling.