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Travel Jobs that Pay Well

Posted on 13 March 2022 by admin (0)

Do you wish you could get an income and travel as well? If you’re seeking the thrill of wanderlust, as well as purposefully pursuing a career, then this article is for you. It highlights jobs you can do and earn a decent income while traveling. 

Travel Blogger

Travel blogging is such a dream job. This job involves writing about your experiences as you move around the world. Travel blogging could be writing about food experiences, parenting experiences, Fashion, and lifestyle. Your income will come from selling products, advertising, influencer projects, and affiliate marketing.

Teaching English Languages in other Countries

Can you speak and write in English fluently? If so, the world awaits your service- and will pay you decently. You can always apply for teaching jobs overseas or online from your home office. A degree or an English test Certification is an added advantage for this job.

Cruise Jobs

Can you imagine sailing around the world and doing a job you love? You agree that this is awesome, right! Cruise jobs are a fun way to globetrot. Your food and accommodation are fully paid for, saving you a lot of money. Some cruise jobs include being a Steward, a performer, Porter, and Hostess. All you need is to take the required short course beforehand.

Freelance Photographer

By now, you should have heard or known photographers who have sold their homes and belongings to become travel photographers. But this requires careful planning because it takes time before it bears fruit. You can take amazing photos of rare and undiscovered places and sell them in bulk in micro-stock sites or sell them to clients directly.


A geologist is responsible for understanding nature. They study physical features such as mountains, Volcanoes, Valleys, Earthquakes, and so forth. A specific phenomenon in any part of the world might be of interest and demand further study and require a geologist.

Travel Publicist

A travel publicist works with hotels, airlines, individuals to provide Public Relations services. You will need a bachelor’s in PR to take on the advertising and branding industry by storm.


If the travel bug has bitten you, do not wait for your vacation days to travel the world. Instead, check out if companies need your skillset to apply for a job with them and start traveling while earning a decent income.